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So, after ordering about $1500 in parts over the past 12 months, I'm ready to get her back up and running...

First, fix hole in tank... I have decided to use the Dura Fix Aluminium Braze, first try, almost... filled tank with water and still had a pinhole where the original 1/8" hole was. (I was very carefully in cleaning the tank before putting a torch to it, empty gas, remove all parts inside, flush with methyl hydrate, then water)

Resurrection of Big Red Tank_b10

So, reheat and re-flow, now it's water (and gas) tight, tried to chisel it off to see how strong the 
bond was, couldn't get an edge to budge, you can see the chisel mark at the bottom of the photo.

Resurrection of Big Red Tank_b11

Next, buff and shine time, stripped the injectors out, the throttle bodies off, air boxes off, basically, down to the motor and bare frame. Bike hasn't been taken apart in 30 years, so very dirty. But not in bad shape considering it's been in a shed for the last 4 years. Going to put all new rubber bits on it, hoses etc.

Resurrection of Big Red 20150610 Resurrection of Big Red 20150611

Injectors cleaned and new o-rings, new plugs and cables as the last mechanic didn't put the knurls onto the top of the plugs so the cable and plugs were ruined. 

Since these photos, I've buffed the aluminium and cleaned the 30 years of muck off the top of the engine. 

Tore off the old rubber from the rims and buffed them to look new, next, I need to mount the new rubber and balance... had my uncle make me an adapter to allow me to balance the rear tire, submarine grade aluminium, cool...

Resurrection of Big Red 20150613 Resurrection of Big Red 20150614 Resurrection of Big Red 20150615

Need a new radiator fan as the old one is seized... looking for a SPAL supplier in Canada that's got a decent price. Anyone know of one in BC, Canada?

Next up, clean alternator, check brushed, buff it, install new monkey parts, replace rear main seal, install new clutch and clutch plate, reinstall donor transmission, clean electrical connectors, put it all back together and see if she runs... good luck eh?

Bought a couple of these as spares for now:

Resurrection of Big Red 20150616 
$42 USD with shipping... not too bad ---> Hall Sensor on Ali Express

More pictures to come.

This year is just the basics, get it on the road and running, this fall, strip it down and repaint frame and colour parts.

Here's my 1983 Honda VT750 after 8 months rebuilding it, had to sell it to buy a truck to take the kids camping, sadness:

Resurrection of Big Red Tim_s_10

Model        Production Date/Serial Number
K100         1985 ???? / (F0030125)

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good to see

good luck with the cleanup ...seems to be going real fine so far


cheezy grin whilst riding, kinda bloke ....oh the joy !!!! ...... ( brick aviator )

'86 K100 RT..#0090401 ..."Gerty" ( Gertrude Von Clickandshift ) --------O%OResurrection of Big Red Au-log10

"redframe" rs "bitsa"  with many contributions from the k100 community ,,with many thanks

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Life time member
So far so good! I agree with you when you say to get it running, ride it for a while and then get stuck into it.

Keep at it.

K100RS 1986 RED!

Dress for the ride and the potential slide.

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