BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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New member
Sorry everyone. Been a while acknowledging my membership.
I bought my ex Police K1100 on a bit of a whim and having had it a little over a year have not gotten round to doing anything with it.
I am dumping it on Ebay and hope someone finds it useful.

I put an ad in the for sale section I hope that's OK I know a lot of forums are wary of people creating accounts just to sell stuff.

I dont expect to get back what I paid for it and someone will find it desirable or useful.

Of my 8 motorbikes its the biggest and I need space! Its based in Surrey IN the UK



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92KK 84WW Olaf

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Life time member
Hi Alex,

Good to see you. Oh a nice one though, shame you are not keeping it. Its a very comfortable tourer.....

1992 K100LT 0193214 101,000 miles
1984 K100RT 0022575 Baja Red bought 36,000 now 84,100 miles

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