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Hi everyone just thought I'd inform that my K100 RS got stolen from outside my house the other week I had only put a disk lock on this was snapped (Pilning, Bristol, Uk). Unfortunately this means that I was without a bike and in order to get back on the wheels decided to get another BMW the best I could find at the time. So below is an image of my Old k100 that is now in Lawrence Weston, Bristol being ragged by kids. The next image is my new bike called cat, it's an R1100RS.

I will be getting another K100 but it won't be this year it will be when I get my full A licence.

New bike below.

My Bike List past to present so far;

Lexmoto (first bike ever to ride) , CB125 TDC 86 , CG125 89 , GN125 97 , ER5 96 , K100 RS 84

84/01 K100rs 0013627

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Motorbike Mike

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Life time member
Bad news having your K nicked-I'm shocked a K was stolen. I saw your ad on Scumtree.
Still, at least you have another BM'

Good luck,


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Life time member
I know exactly what you're feeling. I had two Moto Guzzis stolen in Belfast - one was recovered damaged but never ran properly again and the other was torched to hide the forensic evidence (that one was parked outside the Law Courts. There are thirteen security cameras in the area and not one picked up the theft???!!!!!!!). A third Guzzi was vandalised on a couple of occasions.

Yeah well - it is Belfast and I work right in the city centre. I now park right outside the office doors, but that didn't stop some thieving brat making off with the security guard's 125 while he was sitting at his desk. My bikes are all locked up with an Oxford U-shackle these days - 1000 payout from Oxford if the lock is broken or the shackle is cut.

'83 K100 upgraded to K100RS spec
'78 Moto Guzzi 850-T3, '79 Moto Guzzi 850-T3 California,'93 Moto Guzzi 1100ie California,
'03 Suzuki Blandit GSF600SK3 (NFS any more because wifey has claimed it)

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