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Life time member
During the month of September Motobins are running a special on their Grimeca brake discs. They are advertising a 20% discount till the end of the month so I bit the bullet and order a set of three. Landed to my front door should be just over 600 pacific pesos. affraid

Red 1991 K75S

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Gordon Smith

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Silver member
Tackler, check the raised portion where the spacer fits on the brake disc. I bought one in march 15 and the raised section was NOT level, thereby putting a one .side offset on the rear wheel . This came out as nearly 5mm at the rim. Just check to be safe. I have also heard the outfit has now closed down, Could be the reason for the sell off.
Post if OK,I hope they are ---Gordon

I would stress that in no way could any of our suppliershave noticed this without a thorough inspection and mine was delivered in all good faith from another supplier.


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