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Hi all just saying Hi as a new guy, just got 1985 k100 all seemed okay until i tried to fix the front brake light,found disconnected wire in bridged relay under the tank, reconnected it brake light worked Very Happy BUT ignition lights don't and wont start. The only way i can get it all running is by taking a lead from pos terminal to the top fuse but that by passes ignition switch and kill switch, i tried unplugging the wire that was out ,still no ign light Evil or Very Mad. electrician hopefully coming Monday but would be grateful of any ideas.


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Welcome to the forum.

Don't despair with this but explore this forum and have a further look. Others here are a lot more knowledgeable than me but there is a load of stuff here, interactive wiring diagrams etc.

Open a new thread for your K and then you will have all your info in the one place. Also look on the home page for what to d if you have just bought a K. most of us but not all are our own electricians, that's easy using the forum as your guide. Photo of bike is important, there was a modification in 85 with some significant changes. Early ones have the 7l and 4 l fuel warning lights on the speedo, later have a single 5l. If your petrol tank is bolted down with a single bolt you have the earlier one.

My take is you may have disturbed something under the tank. Maybe as a shot undo what you did and see what happens. Post is up too.

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I'm sure we can help find the problem.

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