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anyone have any equivalent for the K100 series oil filter cartridge. I doubt that BMW has one made specially, it's almost certainly a car model.

any ideas?



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Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog

I am personaly using HiFloFiltro but I don't remember the reference # (will check monday)

Here is the data from the FRAM catalog (found on the IBMWR page)

Regarding the "Alternate Oil Filters" for a K-Bike, specifically the Fram 3614, note that Fram has started putting a "sure grip" coating on the bottom half of their oil filters.
Anyone wishing to use a Fram 3614 filter should make sure that it does NOT have this coating as it tends to DISINTEGRATE in the oil pan of a K-bike (and R-bike?). Upon chaning my oil today, there were many black flakes of plastic at the bottom of my oil pan.

PH6063 (the actual specified filter for Ks and Oilheads, but expensive and hard to find):

  • OD 3 5/64", H 3 3/16", THREAD 3/4" - 16 Straight Th'd,
  • RELIEF VALVE 9-11 psi,
  • ANTI-DRAIN valve NO,
  • filter style 1 (to accept socket)

PH3816 (for 2002 BMW cars):

  • OD 3 1/64", H 3 23/64", THREAD 3/4" -16 Straight Th'd,
  • RELIEF VALVE 30-37 psi,
  • ANTI-DRAIN valve NO,
  • filter style 2 (won't accept socket)

PH3614 (for MANY cars. cheap and VERY available):

  • OD 3", H 3 23/64", THREAD 3/4" -16 Straight Th'd,
  • RELIEF VALVE 9-12 psi,
  • ANTI-DRAIN valve YES (doesn't matter),
  • filter style 1 (to accept socket, though a slightly smaller one than the OEM socket)

Their is certainly other alternatives, and the best is to go to a bike dealer (other than BMW), see the line of filters that they sell and check their catalog for a reference #.

Here is a list of manufacturers with filters for beemers. Check the manufacturer specs to see if they fit on a K100. (This list was found on a newsgroup):
NAPA 1348
Mobil-1 M1-102
BMW 11.42-1 460 843 or 845
Mahle/knecht/microstar/tecafiltre (original part) OC91
Champion (of motorcycle range) C301
Purflux LS188B
Tech9 (France only, made by Mahle in fact) n°16
Hiflofiltro (from Thailand) HF-163
Mann-Hummel MW712
Detlev Louis (Germany) 10050195
Toyota 08922-02004 or 90915-YZZB9
Perf-form (on
UFI makes one too (italian)
Donit ( 43 10 133
For After May, '97, 1100RT
Purolator P/N11421460845
Bosch 3330
WalMart ST3614
Purolator L00241


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Hi everyone

The correct hiflo filter for the k100 is the hf163.
Their website contains all relevant details for all motorcycles.

from sunny australia.


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