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Question So, the teflon liner cane out and wedged into the half moon cable housing at the throttle bodies on my K75S.
Have replaced the cable with a venhill replacement, sold through Motorworks. Seems the new cable is a bit longer, and I have about quarter of a turn in slack before the throttle now engages. No adjusters to be seen anywhere. Options as I see it,
1) Track down another cable; thought I had!!
2) fabricate an adjuster of some sort
3) Modify the cable:presumably I could cut and solder an appropriate cable end nipple to the exact size of the old cable.

What y'all think??


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I'd add an adjuster at the throttle brace

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Add an adjuster where the outer cable sits in the throttle quadrant (the half-moon bit) - I've done just that. You'll need to slot it to fit it over the inner. Don't even think of shortening and soldering as IIRC, Venhills are stainless steel inners.

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