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Hi there, I'm a Kiwi living in Canada along with my family and a stable full of Moto Guzzis
What am I doing on here?
For a couple of years I have been planning a trip back to NZ and needed a bike to ride.
Hiring a bikefor a month is not viable option so I started browsing Trademe,I noticed the K series BMWs
seemed to be selling at quite reasonable prices so I added themto my watch-list.
Last night I was able to win the auction for a nice red 1988 K100RT with 120,000 km on the clock, I haven't
laid eyes on the bike, that won't happen until next February.

I have never ridden one of these machines, it can't be any quirkier than a Guzzi I reckon.

I will be lurking on here trying to gather as much knowledge as I can, I may contribute to electrickery threads,
I know a bit about magic smoke.

A couple of preliminary questions
At 120k how is that in the life of one of these old girls?
Should I be looking for anything to break?
Should I source any parts in Nth America before I leave?
Any good sources of help in Aotearoa?
What's different about an RT?

Thanks for letting me join

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You will want to make sure your splines are well taken care of- plenty of info here about that.

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Welcome Kiwi-Roy,

Good to hear you've got yourself a K100RT - even if you aren't going to see her for another 3 months. Hopefully she'll be rideable from the outset and you won't spend all your time getting her running. Much depends on her recent history - if she has been regularly ridden, then that is a good thing. If she has stood for a few years, then you tend to get more problems.

120k km (74k miles) is certainly not deemed to be a high mileage for these bikes and should not be an issue for you at all. The usual problems are associated with dirty earth connections (a can of Deoxit will be your best friend), a tired battery or perished rubber components. What will need attention really depends on how the previous owner(s) treated the bike. The tyres are the most obvious bits of rubber that dramatically affect the handling of the bike (plenty of posts on the subject), but other bits (fork seals, oil seals, fuel hoses, brake hoses and air intake hoses) can all affect how (or sometimes, if) the bike runs and handles.

There are several other forum members that are Guzzi aficionados too - please DO NOT encourage them!Evil or Very Mad



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A word of encouragement from across the ditch. - bigger or smaller depending on where you are.

I bought my K100RT on eBay at a good price, sight unseen. Functionally, not much needed doing, but I sorted a few minor things and checked and lubed driveshaft splines. Changed all liquids.

It's been an enjoyable ride in all senses, made better by the Krew on this forum. Any issues, there will be good advice and answers here.

For those needing advice, the quickest success usually comes because of the most detailed description of the problem.



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RicK G

Hi Roy good to have you along for the ride.
Go to the portal page and you will find a link to "So you've just bought a BMW Motorcycle". Have a read it will give you a good guide as to what you are likely to find when looking for or buying a K100.

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