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Snod Blatter

Snod Blatter
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Life time member
Hi all, just wheeled the K out of the garage in the hope of using it as the backup since I found a nail in the rear tyre of my main runabout, only to find that the wet patch I thought was a small oil leak is now much wetter, and a bit blue, and there's now quite a bit of this blueness on the floor as well. Looking through the grille the lower half of the rad all seems to be wet, so I'm guessing it has a small leak somewhere but I have not yet investigated properly.

Just putting feelers out there to see if anybody has a rad knocking about, there's a a fair example on ebay for £34 but surely it's better to trust someone on here that a rad holds water!


1989 K100RS SE ABS 8v  VIN: 0149214
Others: 1.5 x Honda CBX250RS-E, '94 CB250, '95 TRX850, '16 Z250SL

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