BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Gold member
Due to a cosmic mis-alignment, I've not be able to log-in. I've given up trying to recover my password and have reinvented myself. brickrider is now brickrider2. Rolling Eyes
... still have the ol' 1985 K100RS; looking forward to warmer, drier weather to again enjoy her.


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RicK G

Welcome back mate. I reckon you'd be looking forward to Spring by now I get so accustomed to being able to ride year round that I dont think I could handle the climate there and not being able to ride for the duration.

If everything seems under control then you aint goin fast enough:- Mario Andretti
Bikes 1986 K100RT, 1993 K1100 LT, 1994 K1100 LT, 1993 K75 RT, 1996 K75RT, 1986 K75 GS, 1979 Z1300 Kawasaki X 2 & 1976 SR 500 Yamaha for now

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