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active member
Hi everybody.
I need your help :/
I need to get off the abs from the k1100.
I supposes i can keep the ring on the disc brake (until i will not get floating disc) but I need to get off the abs.
I preferred to put another brake (like some brembo) and also I've get the rearset from speedwork with the rear pump and I would to use it.
Please could link/write a step by step how to to get off the 12 kg of abs Smile ?


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Life time member
I can't give you a step by step, just general ideas.

The brake system needs a master cylinder, a wheel cylinder, and a hose to connect them. That is all you need.

Remove everything else.

You will need new hoses. I can't tell you what hoses to get because you want to use rear set pegs and different calipers.

I would mount all the parts and then measure for the hose.

Hope this helps,

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