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Tony goodwin

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active member
Iv just bought a BMW K100 4cyl project bike. It's mechanically sound. However it starts and only idles ... im seeking advice here . Where do i start? . IV worked on bikes before and previously owned BMW, s. Any assistance will b fab .Really keen to ride.


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92KK 84WW Olaf

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Life time member
Hi Tony

Welcome to the forum. Good to see you along.

You will find everyone very helpful full of good advice.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, we all had to start somewhere on these and sometimes the question you don't ask is the one that causes you trouble.

A good move to start a new thread for your K and pop in the year and number in your signature, it helps when someone is giving you some information as there are model differences and year differences.

If bike is starting AND ticking over ok you may well have an issue with the throttle cable having come awry inside the handlebar mechanism. Clearlyyou aregetting fuel and spark so don't go chasing in there just yet. The handlebar mechanism has a chain inside it that needs an occasional lube and if incorrectly maintained you can end up throttle. If you can see the other end above the injector rail you will see where the cable ends and there is an adjustment screw/stop where it rests at idle. You should see this lift when you turn the throttle. If it doesn't, use your finger to see if it lifts and if it does lift fire up the engine and do it again. If it revs for you then check out the handlebar mechanism.

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