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i havent pulled the transmission yet but im curious what you fine people think about the condition of these splines. photographed are the final drive, drive shaft and transmission spline. what kind of mileage is left on these buggers? what to expect?



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Yer fine. The final drive end splines will wear out long before the trans output ones do.

The FD end splines show some "mountain effect" but should last a while if you keep them properly moly lubed.

Lube it and ride it.

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Check out Chris Harris youtube vids about spline lube... make sure the kids are not around LOL

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RicK G

Splines on the transmission output shaft are fine, they usually dont give trouble
The splines on the universal end of the drive shaft are shagged and will give you grief in the very near future.
The splines on the rear drive input shaft are well on the way but with good lube and regular lubing will last for sometime yet but the splines on the rear end of the drive shaft are very worn and in my opinion are not worth using because they will give out probably before the front splines go. Finding good used shafts and drives is getting more and more difficult.
My advice is to get a new shaft or a shaft with a good front spline and uni then weld a new spline to the rear of it. Send the rear drive to Brunos and get it repaired.
If you use mechanical components of a doubtful nature the condition will very soon become abundently clear when they fail completly.

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