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1Back to top Go down    Greetings from Costa Rica on Wed May 11, 2016 5:21 pm


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Hello everybody,

A week ago I brought my first ever BMW - a 1991 K100RS that had been sitting in someones garage for two years or so. The owner is leaving CR so had to sell.

It definitely needs some love as so far I have discovered

1. Fan doesn't work so it over heats
2. Speedo doesn't work - but funnily odometer does
3. Fuel gauge doesn't work
4. ABS units missing - though I do have the brain.
5. The Corbin seat just sits there (pardon the pun) it is not in any way connected to the bike!
6. Fork seals leak

However the engine seems strong, all I have done so far is put in a new battery, new fuel pump and filter, and changed all the oils.

Also none of the above seems a huge challenge to fix nor very expensive. Which is good because spares down here are going to be very hard to find and shipping them from the US isn't cheap.

Still I am happy and excited and look forward to bringing this great bike back to full health.


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Life time member
WelKome to the forum filmcamera.
Sounds like you have a few hours of enjoyable tinkering to bring her up to scratch.
Just do a separate post in the appropriate forum on each of those issues if you need some help. Try using the forum search bar on the portal page as these are all common problems but don't hold back on asking questions.

The 'Latest Topics' on the portal page is the best way to follow EVERYTHING that's happening on the forum.

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Fuel: 95 Octane
Engine Oil:Nulon Full Synthetic 15W50
Gear Box Oil: Nulon Synthetic 75W90

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RicK G

Greetings from Downunda. You have a great part of BMW history in that model I'm sure you will enjoy the ride once sorted.

If everything seems under control then you aint goin fast enough:- Mario Andretti
Bikes 1986 K100RT, 1993 K1100 LT, 1994 K1100 LT, 1993 K75 RT, 1996 K75RT, 1986 K75 GS, 1979 Z1300 Kawasaki X 2 & 1976 SR 500 Yamaha for now

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Welcome! Beautiful color scheme - sky&snow Very Happy


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