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Hi All,

I know it may be a long way to come for many of you, but is anyone going to Tankfest at Bovington camp this weekend?

My son and I are going to be spending the weekend there (staying with friends in Bournemouth over night) So if anyone's about it would be nice to say Hi!

I also want to check that no one would be offended if I pop a couple of military pictures up from the weekend. Won't bore you all with tanks but they do have some nice bikes in the museum part!! I spent a fair bit of time in the Army and that's where I learnt to ride (and drive) (and drink)but don't want to upset anyone!


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I'd like to think that photos of anything will be welcomed...possibly not if they contain cute cats or dancing dogs.

If they're photos of big metal things that belch smoke and makelots of noise, you'll be fine.

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I think only those who sit at home contemplating the fluff in their navel may be inclined to object. Being biker's here, we tend to be more thick skinned and interested in anything mechanical.

I love a good 'tank' movie. How great was Fury!

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Two Wheels Better

Explosions, metal thingsand excess smoke in pictures are welcomed. Like our bikes, when we park 'em on the sidestand, we're prolly all 'old enuf to smoke' ourselves.


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