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Ian Drinky

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Hi All,
i have a question in regards to my alternator, The light comes on very faint at idle and the neutral and brake warning light dim, when i rev the bike the light will go out and the others lights will brighten again, i have cleaned the brushes on the reg and checked battery voltage when running 13.6 v.

any suggestions would be appreciated.




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The charge light coming on at idle is not uncommon but may mean your alt is not outputing to spec which can lead to a bad battery.

If that's 13.6v while running at 2000rpm then your alternator is not really outputing enough voltage to charge your battery properly. Ideally it should be around 14.0v

If that 13.6v was measured with the engine idling then that's not a valid measurement.

You can also measure your battery's static voltage. That should be more than 12.45v but ideally around 12.8 or more. Static voltage is measured with engine off, after your battery has been properly charged and had a rest for a few hours.

Your battery should also be measured under load. Without the right equipment, that becomes very subjective, so best to take your bike to a battery shop and have it and your alternator tested correctly.

Did you measure the alternator brushes? They can wear down or at an angle so they don't contact properly.

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RicK G

13.6V is not high enough, it should be very close to 14.2 at 2500rpm. As Hollister said the brushes probably need attention but if the alt light keeps glowing faintly there is a fix.

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I'd say it doesn't hit the 14.0-14.2 until 3000 or so but 13.6 is "normal" at idle.

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Ian Drinky

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Thanks guys for your input, i have removed the alternator and dropped it into the auto elec to test on the bench, waiting on his report.




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