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One of my plug wires has a tear in the insulation, and I'm having some intermittent low rpm spark issues, so as they're likely 30 years old, I thought it prudent to replace them. I'm not savvy enough to figure out how to get wires with the resistive caps on them, so I thought I'd see if someone else had done this and had a part number for me from Rockauto. I'm not married to that seller, I've just had very positive experiences with them in the past. Any advice is welcome.

Thanks for your time and help.


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I don't think RockAuto will have what you need.
Try here.

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Price is okay. Do yourself a favour though - when (if) you get them, peel the boots back on the HT coil side and ensure that the copper is properly crimped. At the plug cap end, pull the boots back and pull the HT cable gently. The idea is to ensure that it's secured to the spike in the plug cap. Yes, I have seen shop-bought HT leads that had both faults.

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