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Harry Nicholson

Harry Nicholson
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Water in K100 gearbox

I`ve just returned from a 12 day trip to Austria . Good time had except for two days of extremely wet weather . on returning to the bike one lunch time I noticed a huge puddle of oil underneath thegearbox, checked the oil level & was surprised to say the least when the oil level showed some 1" above the high oil level . The oil was milky so suspectedwater. Checked the engine oil level , ok .Road a short distance to get some oil & drained thegearbox. After a while I tilting the bike to the right hand side & almost purewaterfrom the drain plug . Filled thegearboxwith new oil & continued on my way home into Germany when the horrendous rain came again .

Arrived at Freiburg for the night & checked the oil level . Level was again above the high level but only by some 1/2" & again a milky colour . Drained thegearboxagain Refilled with fresh oil & prayed for no more rain for the run to Zeebrugge & then upto Teesside . Thankfully no more rain .

Thoughts are that thewaterhad entered via thegearboxbreather .

Just finished removing the starter motor & noticed that the breather cap was slackinthat it could be rotated & lifted vertically about 1/4" .

Does anybody know if this is correct , or could this be where thewaterentered .

Any advice would be appreciated .




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My advice would be do not go to Austria. Australia is a lot drier.

I had the same problem with Will's K75 last year. Others will chime in but the breather appears to be the culprit in heavy rain. I experienced a grey milky mix in the gearbox but also had a gearbox leak through the clutch boot, so I was continually topping up with oil. It took a while to realise what the problem was but to me it speaks volumes about the durability of the gearbox.

It probably occured during two days of rain in France and further rain in the Alpes. The hardest part was getting dinosaur oil for the gearbox. In Switzerland the gearbox oil was replaced with synthetic.

Red 1991 K75S

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