BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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This Zumo 450/550 motorcycle mount has the security screw replaced with a aftermarket thumb screw.  This makes it much easier to remove the Zumo from the cradle.  I will be including the original security screw and removal tool with this cradle so that if you wish you may replace it to make it like original.  Also included is the power cable.  $50 delivered in the continental US.
SOLD **  Zumo 450/550 Motorcycle mount and power cable 5eb4385f-1421-49c9-8d1b-bdacfefae807_zpszuthm9bf

2004 R1150RT 186,800 miles 
1991 K100LT 128,700 miles
1982 R100RT 106,900 miles
Total 422,400 BMW miles


The cheapest thing on a BMW is the nut that connects the handlebars to the seat.

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