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As more trips are being planned around the place, it may be a good time to alert some of the new comers of safety. This was started a few years ago and Charlie is the keeper of the records. All we do is have contact numbers in a central place (Charlie) and make our riding mates aware of our phone numbers and eta at certain spots along the way. This way if there is a mishap others may be able to assist and/or contact relevant bodies.


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Amen Stan. Big lesson learnt from our mate Col from Orange on this very Southern Highlands ride a few years ago.

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a very timely reminder stan ... with quite a few events on the go in coming months, that quite a few of us are planning to attend

just a reminder the moderators , admins etc have a special area on the forum where I have updated "the list" many times

my thinking is that we really don't want to broadcast private details across the internet, asour forum is quite publicin nature.

but the backup support from the forum is always there as a resource, should the need arise (lets hope it doesn't )

this is how the form is displayed

Member id Full Name Mobile NumberEmergency Contact No.Emergency Contact and Relationship Location- Town Nearest Other Member

the last time I have received additions was in 2014 making the contacts list( 33 members ) offering details

but feel free to pm me any updates

still looking for better contact details for Floyd he has moved yet again and unsure of his recent updated arrangements

as stan suggested its always a good plan to store details of your travelling buddies on your phone . and pass them around

heres what I do ....make an sms message to an intended contact as you are about to leave home (usually travel times are quite predictable ) sms if you have a holdup , or are at a known stop point within an hour or so arriving at the meet location ...mentioning your location and expected leave - arrive time.

I find sms messaging quite useful , as you can never plan on being within phone contact ...all the time ...and or maybe have the necessary tools to answer the phone whilst riding .

sms messages will usually be received when arriving back in some kind of civilization ...give times- received and locations if included making things, all kind of predictable .

if you have a partner- emergency ("ICE") contact , let them know what is the plan, who your intending to meet, where and their contact details- contact number ....smsyour "ICE" (In Case of Emergency ) contact,your current location . arrival , holdup event - etc

these things work well

on quite a few occasions ," broken bits" preventing arrival expectations...or "you past us without noticing us at the service station " , notifications have been received by other group travellers feedback to the safety of the traveller , and actually reply suggestions for a "solve" to get them going again .or we'll meet you at this location (continue on ) ..and all with a good end result so far .

something we use on our "northern tablelands" meets - rides quite successfully ,as an example .

cheezy grin whilst riding, kinda bloke ....oh the joy !!!! ...... ( brick aviator )

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Well done Stan,

must remind the Irish eccentrics to PM theirs around before this weekends' run, as an update is overdue.

Thanks for looking out for us!

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