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Hey everyone I am hunting a few bits and bobs for my K1 resto. Parts fit from K1004V and 1100RS/LT. Fuel and water temp gauges with wiring to the harness, Front master cylinder with or without brake lever although i do need both. Must be cosmetically perfect with no fluid leeks. 
Also hunting an original exhaust in excellent condition. I would also be interested to hear if anyone has undertaken mods to improve the welds by using a K1002V headers and graft them to the muffler without the cat.
Looking for exhaust from Aussie and NZ to avoid hefty freight costs, other bits from anywhere.

Current rides:
2002 K1200RS. Owned from new. Pacific Blue, Ohlins, Speiglers, Fiamms, HID. 167,000km
1991 K1. Schwartz metallic black, 18 month frame off restoration. 74,000km
1987 K100RS Style. Black, Ohlins, Race Tech springs, Braided lines. Fully restored. 53,000 miles. 
The family history:
1951 AJS 500 single - my Dads ride
1953 Triumph Terrier - my Mum's ride
1916 Triumph Type H, Battle of the Somme, France WW1 - my Grand dads ride

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