BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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'85 K-100 base model (minimal tupperware)

stock original seat in like-new condition, ancient Corbin gunfighter seat, ratty Corbin 2-up seat
stock exhaust on bike, aftermarket exhaust (in a box)
stock bars (in a box), RT (taller) bars on bike (with new longer cables)
stock rear shock (in a box), aftermarket just rebuilt Works Performance shock on bike
stock fork springs (in a box), aftermarket (progressive?) fork springs on bike
beemer crash bars (scratched)
stock shorty BMW windscreen (scratched, in a box), taller touring type BMW windscreen on bike
rear BMW case on bike
side BMW case mounts on bike, no cases
aftermarket fork brace
K&N air filter
Audiovox automotive cruise control (wonderful!)
Clymer manual and oil filter wrench

Don't know how many miles are on the bike, but I've swapped out the instrument panel for one that works.

Moderately rough exterior, but with really solid running gear.

It needs: fork seals, a bath, cosmetic touches, and last but not least: when doing the spline lube I nicked the new seal that I put in the front of the tranny (the one the clutch rod goes through) so now it weeps a little trans oil. Doh!

Good points: lubed the splines earlier this year (1000 miles ago) and they looked like new.

$2500 cash firm - (or) - less cash + something wearing knobbies. Located in Western Mass.

edwards (at) plateoshrimp (dot) net


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