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hi it all

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Sorry to hear you've had no luck getting her going. If you want to post some details like the bike's VIN and a run down of the symptoms, im sure the forum would be able to help. Quite often it can be something simple.
And welKome to the forum. Stick around. roundel

1988 K100RT VIN No. 0094680
1989 K100RT VIN No. 0097367 (naked)
1996 K1100RS VIN No. 0451808
Fuel: 95 Octane
Engine Oil:Nulon Full Synthetic 15W50
Gear Box Oil: Nulon Synthetic 75W90

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@markpentney wrote:Iv had my bmw k100 LT for about 3 years now.I loved the ride i had onher. After 2 weeks of haveher Shestarted to play up. Iv done a lot of work onher to gether running again but no joy. I mite belooking in to it to much.I have made my mind up that i have got to let her go now. if there anyone out there that wants to buy her she up for sale now. please don't make bad ofter's please. thank you for looking at this post. mark
Also sorry to hear that you've run out of ideas/patience. As Holister says, post up some details and you may be able to get her running again. If you have really given up, then it would be good to see some pics etc. It is problematic enough to buy after just seeing photos, but in this case you are not giving us much to go on apart from the fact that it's a '89 K100LT ...but condition, colour etc. are all useful bits of info. Is she advertised anywhere - like MCN or eBay?

I've nearly got room in my garage for a third LT...and am easily tempted if the price is right (as a non runner to tinker with).



"Heidi" K100LT 1991 (Grey) (VIN 0190172 Engine No. 104EB 2590 2213) - 5th owner. January 2014 (34,000 - 61,000 miles and counting....)
"Gretel" K100LT 1989 (Silver Grey) (VIN 0177324 Engine No. 104EA 2789 2211) - 4th+ owner. September 2015 (58,500miles and counting....). Cat C Insurancewrite-off rebuild Feb 17
"Donor" K100LT 1990 (Red) (VIN 0178091 Engine No. 4489 2024) - 6th & final owner (crash write-off now donor bike). June 2012 (73,000 miles) to November 2013 (89,500 miles)

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