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Life time member
Lads, I've come into possession of items for which I have no use.
A GIVI top box.
A ducktail bracket thing for a late K (1200??)
A centre stand for a late K (1200??)
A BMW Motorrad suit protector zip up bag thingo.

GIVI Top box...

Miscellaneous Stuff Dscf2020
Miscellaneous Stuff Dscf2019
Miscellaneous Stuff Dscf2018

Centre Stand...

Miscellaneous Stuff Dscf2022

Miscellaneous Stuff Dscf2024

Duck Tail thingo doo-dad...

Miscellaneous Stuff Dscf2025
Miscellaneous Stuff Dscf2026
Miscellaneous Stuff Dscf2027

Suit carrier bag...
Miscellaneous Stuff Dscf2029

Please PM me with expressions of interest. Any funds raised will go towards Rosskko's GIST research facility.


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great thought  ulli .
wish I had known that you had a givi box a little while ago ...its about what I was looking for ...darn ...

hope the sale rewards the foundation thoughts are with you

cheezy grin whilst riding, kinda bloke ....oh the joy !!!! ...... ( brick aviator )

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