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Hey everyone, I am after the paint codes for a small badge that appears on the front screen and tail section of early K100 and K75 Style models in RS, RT and LT guise. The part number is 51 14 2 308 137 and the colours are pale blue, dark grey, and orange. The colours are not the BMW M colours. If anyone can help I'd be most grateful as they are also the same colours as used in the Style decal that appears on the side fairings of the bike. I am in the process of replicating the decal, all the artwork is complete and the decal is ready to be produced in laminated screen print format identical in every way to the original so getting the colours exact is important.
I would appreciate any help,

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A quick McGoogle found
History: BMW ///M logo colors explained

It relates specifically to the M series but it may give you some insight. It looks like the colours changed from time to time but I've not seen any using dark grey or orange.... but correct me on that if I'm wrong.
The author describes a purple but I've not seen that used. I think this (below) may be close to what was used on the K series??

There are other colour suggestions discussed in the comments section so its worthwhile reading the whole lot.

If you copy the pantone colour code onto Google and add the word pantone, it will display the colour.

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RicK G

The purple and orange were only just a bit removed from the dark blue and red . I remember seeing those colours on the early E30 M3s of the very early 80s

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I think the badge uses the same colors as the RS Style graphic but have just faded. My badge is also like Richards.

My thoughts are that the 1st stripe is Red/Orange (Texaco Red), 2nd stripe is Dark/Blue or Purple, and the 3rd stripe is Grey or even Silver.


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