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Not sure if I've found the right section of the forum...

As a recent member of the Krew I was excited see an original 1985 K100RT (same as my recently acquired project bike) while I'm holidaying with my family at this sleepy little beach side town on the far south coast. The owner was riding with a group of mates on an assortment of other bikes (mostly beemers) including a very cool, very original R of some description (I gather these things go for a squillion dollars here these days). The K was on vintage registration and in good nic - anyone from the Krew here?

Chassis number0025951
Vehicle code0504
ModelK 100 RT 84 (0504 ( 0505 )
Body typeK 100 RT 84 (0504
Catalog modelECE
Production date1985 / 01

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