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1Back to top Go down    moving stuff north on Tue Jan 03, 2017 11:52 pm

klompy the grey brick

Hello all am finally able to take some Rossko stuff up to a chap at Byron and also to Tackler at Brisbane on way to my sons at the sunshine coast.
If anyone has stuff they need to to have dropped off in QLD or alternatively brought back to sydney let me know....

Am leaving tomorrow and returning a week later......

Cheers KKlompy 0414231985

"Grace" 1984 K100RS Silver VIN 0019026 Mitt eine Staintune Zorst.
"Olivia" 1997 K1100LT Dark Grey VIN WB1052600W0237453.

Chassis number0019026
Vehicle code0503
ModelK 100 RS 83 (0502 ( 0503 )
Body typeK 100 RS 83 (0502
Catalog modelECE
Production date1984 / 07


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Life time member
Life time member
Thanks, Klompy. I think I'll have a return freight item. Details to follow when I have them. Smile


1985 K100RT VIN 0028991 My original Very Happy (Historic rego)
1985 K100RT VIN 0029036 BOB the Blue Old Bike (Historic rego)
1990 K100LT VIN 0190452 Work in progress
1984 K100RT VIN 0023022 Work needing lots of progress

1986 K100RT VIN 0090542 Work needing lots and lots of progress
1993 K1100LT VIN 0183046 Work in progress
1993 K75S VIN 0213045 Newest toy, slightly non-original

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Life time member
given that you are travelling with Rosskko items into Queensland, there is bound to be rain ahead . enjoy the trip and travel safe Mr Klompy. sunny

1987 K100RT Ex- police
1989 K100LT Ol' Blue and "Kart" the Kamper trailer. now KAPUT .
1993 K1100RS 0194321 Colour #690 Silk Blue aka" Smurfette"
2018 Kart upgrade.

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