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Sad news, Erik Buell appears to have reached the end of the line.
A great guy and an incredibly gifted engineer who has made my motorcycling life so much richer.


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Motorbike Mike

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Life time member
That's a shame. I did an afternoon at a race track with Buell and really liked the bikes. The 1125cc water cooled bike went like the clappers, a real pity that his bikes never got the recognition and popularity that they deserved. Crying or Very sad


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Quite a few years ago there was the Buell Homecoming. We all rode our Buells to the factory in East Troy. Got to meet Eric and get a tour of the factory. Then we all went on a ride. A bunch of good people and a bunch of good times. At that time Buell was powered by Harley-Davidson, not only the engines but the MoCo's money. Innovative excellent motorcycles powered by one man's vision.

I have two Buell's. Both of them are great.

It's a shame to see his latest enterprise go away. I'm sure he'll pop up again soon.



Anyway...real people, real motorcycles. Not to say BMW isn't.

One more -

- John

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