BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Old Boy

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active member
Hi everybody
My name is Fabio from Italy
And i have got a fantastic K100RS '91


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Life time member
Life time member
WelKome, Fabio from downunder in Oz.Smile


1985 K100RT VIN 0028991 My original Very Happy (Historic rego)
1985 K100RT VIN 0029036 BOB the Blue Old Bike (Historic rego)
1990 K100LT VIN 0190452 Work in progress
1984 K100RT VIN 0023022 Work needing lots of progress

1986 K100RT VIN 0090542 Work needing lots and lots of progress
1993 K1100LT VIN 0183046 Work in progress
1993 K75S VIN 0213045 Newest toy, slightly non-original

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RicK G

Hi Fabio welKome to the Knuthaus

If everything seems under control then you aint goin fast enough:- Mario Andretti
Bikes 1986 K100RT, 1993 K1100 LT, 1994 K1100 LT, 1993 K75 RT, 1996 K75RT, 1986 K75 GS, 1979 Z1300 Kawasaki X 2 & 1976 SR 500 Yamaha for now

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Life time member
Hello Fabio, welcome here!

Enjoy your bike.


This video from a caferacer build is from a italien from Milano

Lovely city Milano, I stayed a week just around the corner ofGalleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Only a few activities make me experience my senses in a way motorcycle riding does, it is like swimming in the nude in a river.
K75 BA/1992 ABS, K75 BA/1991 noABS, Ducati, Mobylette M1/1973

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