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I purchased a 1989 K100RS SE a short time ago and it has a black seat. Looking at other RS SE's I see 50% of the seats are blue.

Was it an option or has all the black ones been recovered or changed at some time?

I don't mind the black, but was thinking if I had a chance to snare a blue one to make it as it came from the factory I might.

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This is a picture of the one I used to own - definitely a blue seat for this model.

When I bought it a single black seat was fitted but the owner also gave me the original blue seat that I installed.

My daughter loved this bike's color scheme and always tells me I should not have sold it.


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RicK G

AFAIK they all came with a blue seat however you may have been able to order it with a comfort seat which is what you have. Considering that many of these Ks are over 30 years old there is no telling what has been done over the years.

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+1 for Rick G

The proper colour an SE's seat is blue. It's one of the nicest "special" items on the rare SE that separates it from the rest.



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