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Not new to K's but after 100K on a 1988 RS-ABS, I went twin. Lately I saw a forlorn K at my dealer that just screamed rescue. So I painted it, put on RS pad/bars, city cases, stock seat, motosport roundels, fixed the buggered speedometer cluster, replaced the fuel cell with a NOS one (full of crap and weeping from a previous repair) and attacked all squawks. Sorry for the R100CS in the pictures. The Last Edition was made 3/84 and my K 10/84. A rather interesting out with the old and in with the new. But not so much as the boxer lives on in a somewhat altered form. I couldn't bare to see this low 16K mile bike, where the owner put 3.5K into it (he got it free in a house purchase as it sat for decades) end up a potential cafe project. He traded it in on a K1600LT and I gave up 2500 dollars to spend another 3K. I think I did good by it although I did use a current color (Chili Red) and manage to dig up a Motad exhaust, saving the stock one for a rogue's gallery of ugly cans.

On a side note I have since added crash bars (found NOS chrome ones (and they powder coat black nicely) - 2 sets left at dealer). But I'm looking for the wind screen that attaches to the headlight shell and possibly the fog/driving lights to round out the factory accessories for whoever ends up with this bike. I tend to like the scavenger hunt part of rebuilds, that's the real challenge.


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That's a couple af pretty bikes.

1994 K75RT
1994 K75S
1992 K100RS

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Nice job on the k. And thats a really good looking r bike cheers


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I just had my 1990 K1 MOT'd by the local BMW dealers (only because the bike has been living in their showroom over winter) - they also completed some warranty work, replacing the ignition bolts, which was scheduled to be done 26 years ago!

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