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Gone and done it yesterday. Bought my first new BMW, an R75/7, at the age of 18 back in 1977. Have BMWs ever since, many of them new. I then, in my late '50s, went out and bought the extreme opposite, a Ducati 848 SBK. There is nothing more sporty, around 160 kgs and 140 ish bhp it is a delight to ride, but the smile that it puts on my face is accompanied by the uncomfortable riding position and not having anywhere to carry anything with me.
Off I went to the local BMW dealer and was very close to ordering an RnineT racer, cute bike. Then realised that the new Sport Touring class Ducati, known as the Supersport is a bit cheaper with much more equipment fitted as standard, no contest. Ordered the Ducati yesterday, great riding position compared to my 848 SBK.
Will still keep the K100RS for now and the little Ducati 250, but the wife will probably be changing her Ducati ST2 for another new Supersport this year.


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92KK 84WW Olaf

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Eh already have a Ducati............... and a Ducati............... and a K100Rs.

Poor Jude has a Ducati and ......a bicycle?

Don't you think maybe she should be getting the first Supersport???

However looking forward to seeing all these in September!!!!

Sounds really nice.!!


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I love the new Supersport - I have my name down for a test ride! The old fashioned sports/tourer class has largely disappeared so I was really glad when Ducati came out with the Supersport.

Congratulations and have fun


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