BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Hello...I'm Jim and glad to find a group of BMW lovers. I have had my 1991 K100RS for about 3 years and rode it very little because I could only tip-toe it around and wasn't really comfortable. I just put on a Progressive short shock and it made a huge difference...I can flat foot it in the garage and have been riding more in the last week than I did all last year.

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Life time member
Good to hear you are using the K. Speaking from experience, the short shock makes a worthwhile difference.
Still the biggest bike I've ever owned, both by capacity and weight, and requires thought to make sure it doesn't get parked in a place I can't get it out of, but I love it on the road.

WelKome. bounce


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RicK G

Hi Jim welKome to our Knuthaus.

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