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1Back to top Go down    Barriec new member on Mon May 29, 2017 12:20 pm


New member
New member
Hi, just a quick intro, I own an early K100 RS (1984)
Put back on the road last year. Based in Norfolk, I have done quite a bit of work on the bike always happy to share small amount I have learned


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92KK 84WW Olaf

Life time member
Life time member
Hi Barrie

Welcome to the forum. Not much hills and mountain roads in Norfolk so we hope you might make a trip a bit further west........

Enjoy the forum, lots of technical know how and some nice friendly chat too.

1992 K100LT 0193214 Bertha Alaska Blue 101,000 miles
1984 K100RT 0022575 Brutus Baja Red bought 36,000 now 89,150 miles
1997 K1100LT 0188024 Wotan Mystic Red 58,645 now 84,600 miles
1983 K100RS 0011175 Fricka 29,000 miles Damn K Pox

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Born Again Eccentric

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Life time member
Welcome Barrie,

Good to hear another old bike has made it back to the road - hopefully to its original design rather than as a cafe hack, but your bike, your choice.

Post some pics when you can and have figured out how to (it's not the hard, but seems to be something of a rite of passage for new members).




"Heidi" K100LT 1991 (Grey) (VIN 0190172 Engine No. 104EB 2590 2213) - 5th owner. January 2014 (34,000 - 61,000 miles and counting....)
"Gretel" K100LT 1989 (Silver Grey) (VIN 0177324 Engine No. 104EA 2789 2211) - 4th+ owner. September 2015 (58,500miles and counting....). Cat C Insurancewrite-off rebuild Feb 17
"Donor" K100LT 1990 (Red) (VIN 0178091 Engine No. 4489 2024) - 6th & final owner (crash write-off now donor bike). June 2012 (73,000 miles) to November 2013 (89,500 miles)

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