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Hi everyone, I  am new to BMW motorcycles but recently bought a K100 to convert to a café racer, something for a bit of fun as well as my Harley Streetbob. So far I am really loving the quality of the bike and hope I do it justice. Been riding for a number of years but really looking forward to ownership of this BMW. What a Face I live in the UK in Wales and any advice would be welcome.


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RicK G

Hi Ya Roy welcome to our Knuthaus. Some good advice would be to get the bike running right and riding well then you will appreciate it for the master piece it is without giving it the treatment. You will find it goes from Cafe to cafe better than most that have been "specially prepared".

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+1 that.
WelKome to the forum Roy. You'll find the K100 is a real workhorse out on the open road and will give you many hours of sheer joy throttling thru a few bends or up a decent hill climb. In my experience they don't make a great city bike.
Which ever road you go down, this is a great community to belong to.

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