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I'm looking at a one-owner K75RT with c. 250,000km on it. It has been well maintained since new (engineer-owner) and it looks and runs very well. Are there any things in particular I should 'worry' about with such high mileage?
Thanks (I'm still a newbie!)


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One of the members of another forum recently retired his K75 from cross country touring and now only uses it for day trips and commuting.

His bike has about 180,000 miles(300,000km). He rides hard and fast and the bike has had no issues other than the fact that the exhaust valve clearances are below spec and there are no thinner valve shims to open the gaps. The problem is that the valves have hammered the seats down to where they can no longer be shimmed.

Even at that, a low miles used head would get the engine back to good running for under $250.

Beyond that, drive shaft splines, clutch friction disc, rear master cylinder, steering head bearings, and all the rubber bits are some other areas where time and miles add up. If the bike has sat unused for any long time there will be issues with dirty connectors and varnished fuel. Most of these items will probably be in good condition if indeed the previous owner had a good maintenance regimen and used the bike frequently.

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RicK G

250,000km is high for what we usually see but it would not stop me from buying provided that the maintenance had been done correctly. There are heaps of bricks about with lots more than that and still going strong.

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I really don't see a problem as long as the price reflects the mileage and the servicing is documented. Hearsay doesn't do it for me, but one owner is a HUGE plus

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