BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Hi everyone,
I'm new here. I've read a few topics start-to-end here however. This forum seems alive and that's what made me decide to join this one. I'm currently bidding on a K100 so technically I'm not a K-rider yet.
The K I'm going to buy (has to be a K cause I absolutely love the naked looks of it) will be my second bike. I only just sold of my Yamaha Dragstar 1100 wich served me well and I absolutely loved. However it was not sportive enough for me and wasn't something I wanted to work on. (First reason to sell was the oncoming birth of my daughter, right after I sold it I regretted not owning a bike anymore so here I am now)
I do plan to work on a K100 and turn it into just the thing I love. Because I have a baby now I won't be touring with my wife so it will be a monoseat.
I'm planning on asking for ALOT of advice here. Looking forward to your help.
Grts from Belgium!


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Welkome Vince.

They can be a lively bunch at times, especially Mr. Blakey. Cool

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92KK 84WW Olaf

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Hi Vince

Welcome to the forum....

My daughter lives in Antwerp so I find myself in Amsterdam and Brussels occasionally and I rather like Belgium...especially the hot chocolate.Spotted a K there last time I was over....

Go have a look on the portal page, there is a section on what to do if you have just bought a K bike. Well worth a read and don't be afraid to ask any questions.

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