BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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Life time member
Purchased new on Fleabay for 70GBP.

Recently got a leaking coolant hose behind the radiator of my 86 K100 so I decided just to replace all of them since they're all 30 years old. And buying these was cheaper than buying a set of new ones from The Fatherland.

They all fit perfectly except the one that attaches to the filler cap. The angle of it was a few degrees off but it was still quite usable.

I recommend them and would buy them again. (Except I probably won't be around 30 years from now.)

I don't have a dyno available to see how "high performance" they are but I'm sure they add lots of horsepower.

Current stable:
86 Custom K100 (standard fairing, K75 Belly pan, Ceramic chromed engine covers, paralever)
K75 Frankenbrick (Paralever, K11 front end, hybrid ABS, K1100RS fairing, radial tires)
86 K75C Turbo w/ paralever
94 K1100RS
93 K1100LT (x2)
91 K1
93 K75S (K11 front end)
91 K75S (K1 front end)
14 Yamaha WR250R


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I replaced mine with BMW parts. Honestly, though, they didn't look or feel like they needed it at all. If I'd known about this option three weeks ago...


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