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I was on the search for an Acewell instrument since there seems to be plenty of documentation on wiring around the net.

I'm building a cafe/streetfighter project and wanted a sportbike style gauge cluster and decided on this one:

Turns out, it has a built in gear indicator circuit that learns your gears!  No extra wiring besides RPM and speedo.   The installation instructions say you raise the rear wheel, put it in gear learning mode, tell it the gear number your in starting with 1st, and hold 2000-4000rpm in that gear and it figures out the ratios on it's own.  Pretty sweet... (can also be done on the street in motion but obviously a bit less safe with traffic).

The only downside I see is that it has to reference speed first, so I wonder if there is some lag between shifting and gear display.  Also does not indicate Neutral (obviously)  Not really a huge concern, the only reason I use gear indicator is to make sure I'm in 5th when cruising (sometimes I forget and will cruise for long periods in 4th getting worse mileage...)


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