BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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1Back to top Go down    Newbie from Texas on Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:59 pm


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Just brought home a 1985 K100RS. Looking forward to learning about it with help from folks here.



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Born Again Eccentric

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Welcome along Bob,

I'm sure you have already checked out the advice on the portal page for new K owners, but plenty of great advice on pretty much every problem you may encounter (type a few pertinent words into the search engine) and, if you can't find what you're looking for, even more advice to be had direct from other forum members.

Best way to learn about them is to get out and ride 'em and start by doing the basic maintenance'll soon be hooked.




"Heidi" K100LT 1991 (Grey) (VIN 0190172 Engine No. 104EB 2590 2213) - 5th owner. January 2014 (34,000 - 61,000 miles and counting....)
"Gretel" K100LT 1989 (Silver Grey) (VIN 0177324 Engine No. 104EA 2789 2211) - 4th+ owner. September 2015 (58,500miles and counting....). Cat C Insurancewrite-off rebuild Feb 17
"Donor" K100LT 1990 (Red) (VIN 0178091 Engine No. 4489 2024) - 6th & final owner (crash write-off now donor bike). June 2012 (73,000 miles) to November 2013 (89,500 miles)

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Ace Handler

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hey Bob - Welcome to the forum! bounce

I'm a newbie too, newbie to the forum and to the "Flying Brick". BMW's are such excellent bikes, they do have their quirks but overall they were built sturdy and strong and fairly user-friendly. This forum is a GREAT place to look for info, just browse the threads and you will edumacate yourself a'plenty Smile


"The World is a Highway, and we are but merely Riders"
1992 K100RS Perlsilber 16v. VIN 6493830

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I've got a soft spot for Texas. One of my ancestors died at a small place called The Alamo. His name was James Butler Bonham.

Welcome to the Knuthouse.


88 BMW K100RS

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