BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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New member
Hi All,

Greetings form Minnesota.

My name is Monte and I currently ride an 85 K100 RT.


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Life time member
I sometimes wonder whether 90% of K100s ever built were '85 K100RTs (as are my two registered bikes). There seem to be so many of them acquired, being worked on etc. compared to other years.

Is yours a new acquisition, or been with you for a while?

WelKome from downunder. Very Happy


1985 K100RT Red. VIN 0028991K100RT ENG 104EA248523386
1985 K100RT Blue. VIN 0029036K100RT ENG 104EA25852071
1990 K100LT Black. VIN WB105060310190452
1984 K100RT White. VIN. 0023022K100RT ENG 104EA32848523

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