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Hi everyone!

Checking in from Miami/Seattle.  I am looking at a K100 on craigslist to use year round in Seattle.  I should be leaving Miami in about a month or so and am selling my car and will be using a bicycle and motorcycle as transportation. I'll post the link the bike and any info will be greatly appreciated.


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Cafe racers are straight-line bikes. If you'll be in traffic, you'll want a bike with a conventional layout that will be more maneuverable, less likely to send a rooster tail of road water onto your back, and that can carry more than a thimble.

If you're seeking tatted-up copulation opportunities though, that bike might be your ticket. That bike is too tricked out to do this transport, but an ordinary K could be rigged for the task.

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RicK G

That bike is not going to suit anybody who needs it as year round transport. Get a K100RS in factory trim for $2500 and it will be a good one for that and save your money.
A customized bike will have customized problems.

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As a Seattle native I can tell you that you had better get used to riding in the rain if you plan to ride year round in Seattle.  It doesn't often rain very hard here but drizzles/mists pretty much every day from September through May (not literally but close) so you will spend a lot of time riding in the rain or at least wet weather.

For year round riding here I would recommend a K75RT, K100RT or K100LT. (I'd avoid the 94 & 95 K75RTs as those have the electric windscreen which can let water up from the gap at the bottom.)

Another option would be a K1100LT but it's a pretty big beast for city street riding and its fairing lowers don't go down to cover your feet like a K100RT/LT or K75RT so your feet would be more prone to getting wet on a K1100LT.

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It's been many years since I was last in Seattle, but I seem to recall that it was rather...uh...damp.

A cafe racer is an unlikely daily rider in those conditions.  Their ergonomics are uncomfortable for long hauls, and the protection from "dampness" is non-existent.  The wiring modifications that are done to accommodate cafe instruments will not add to the reliability of the electrical system.  There is almost no cargo capacity for the things you need to carry and last, where a stock K will be ignored by anyone with larcenous intent, a flashy cafe racer is just asking to be "borrowed".

I presently own three K bikes that I could hop on in the morning and ride comfortably to anywhere in the U.S., and the total of the initial investment in all three was less than the asking price of the listed cafe racer.  My advice, FWIW, is to look for a nice low mileage K bike in Seattle.  There seems to be a fair number of them in that part of the world, and you will save the cost of shipping across the U.S.

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That's a very basic conversion. The power train looks bog standard to me. Clip-ons, new instruments and a crappy seat and tail does not make it worth $7500. Doesn't even have rear-sets!
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I have to agree with the others. As someone who has no car and rides full-time around 20 to 30,000kms a year and a fair bit of that in heavy city traffic, that's not an all year round bike.

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Two Wheels Better

Park it out front of the 9 Lb Hammer in Georgetown (a formerly crusty, now trendy urban Seattle neighbourhood) and you'll go home with someone. But if it's raining, as it does here, you'll want heated grips, taller 'bars, and a bit more fairing, lest the beauty, real or imagined, abandon you for a KTM or GS rider.

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92KK 84WW Olaf

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I live in a similar climate and use the RT/LT. It cannot be beaten in these damp conditions.

Car is off the road for 6 months of the year and it does maybe 3,000 miles in the other 6 months. The K gets used enough to go through 2 sets of tyres a year!

Been there with the café racer years ago and having done it to a stock bike in summer it was a different case in winter. I was able to reverse it with all the original parts and promptly added a full fairing.

As for that one for sale, spend the $2500 and get a good K, add another €1000 and you will have a fully sorted ultra reliable bike usable in all weathers.

The balance.....well you can find a cosmetically challenged K and do your own conversion for peanuts. All he did was remove plastic, clocks, few dabs of paint and not a lot else.

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