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Hi all,
I'm looking at a '08 K1200GT this weekend, and if a deal is done, I'll be selling my '97 K1100LT.
I'd like to give anyone on the forum first dibs.

The bike is Red, and is cosmetically ok, and has 58k miles.  Obviously fully serviced etc., including rad flush, and I have some service spares, 20w50 oil etc.

It comes with the usual, colour matched top and side boxes, including side inner bags. I also have the genuine bmw tank bag.

Since I bought it at 52k miles I have done the following
Replaced the shock with a YSS unit
Replaced the front brake master cylinder with Motorworks reconditioned one. Reconditioned the rear
Replaced  the rear wheel with a wider RS 17" one. The original wheel will go with the bike
Replaced the battery with an Odyssey PC680
Replaced all console lights with LED, including fuel and rad (kit from Duck on the forum)
Replaced the fork seals and installed fork gaiters

The back tyre is a Bridgestone T30 with around 1500 miles on it, and I have a front T30 that I haven't installed yet
I have two spare front disks
Clymer manual and print out of factory manual
The seat is original, but has been redone to resemble a Corbin, with the scalloped rider seat.

I also have two Garmin TPS (tyre pressure sensors), and have two dual valve stems which allow you to leave the pressure sensor on the bike. One is fitted to the rear wheel, and the can be fitted with the new front tyre. The TPS's pair with a  Garmin motorcycle GPS. These may go with the bike, depending on whether the new bike has TPS or not.

Everything else is working on the bike, including ABS. The Screen works, but the raising/lowering wire could be replaced, (I just assist it when moving it up).

I am looking for around €1500, but negotiable to forum members. I'll post pictures after the weekend.


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Someone is in for a good bike there Corkboy! Tempted but just can't justify it to myself  Very Happy.

Good luck with the K12,  I look forward to seeing it

88....May contain nuts!

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St. Augustine from 1600 years ago & still true!

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How about the pictures:)?
Or have you decided to keep the bike?

1987 BMW K100, VIN:0093523

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