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klompy the grey brick

klompy the grey brick
Hello all the connection point for the hinges of my k1100 LT top box fell apart so I am in the market for a top box lid prefe:twisted:ably dark grey or charcoal or black but consider any colour really. Of course in Australia is always better due to postage costs but again would consider OS if price ok. 
Thanks guys keep those k bikes going. 


LT top box lid 8c0e0510
LT top box lid 614ad910 LT top box lid 8c0e0510
LT top box lid 614ad910

KKlompy LT top box lid 2854237993
"Grace" 1984 K100RS Silver VIN 0019026 Mitt eine Staintune Zorst.
"Olivia" 1997 K1100LT Dark Grey VIN WB1052600W0237453.

Chassis number0019026
Vehicle code0503
ModelK 100 RS 83 (0502 ( 0503 )
Body typeK 100 RS 83 (0502
Catalog modelECE
Production date1984 / 07

LT top box lid Au-log10


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