BMW K bikes (Bricks)

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1Back to top Go down    Spammer, and funny reply from Chocolate on Tue Jan 30, 2018 12:11 pm


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New member We offer our exclusive clients the ability to gain IELTS,TOEFL AUTODESK certificates without taking the exams. The regions we coverare Asia ,UAE, Qatar,Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan,etc

have you try taking ielts/toefl exam and cant have 7,8 or 9 band?
are you interested in any of the above score?
do you need any other certificate?
do you need any document you cant get legally?
we are a group of specialist ITs in the production of real and fake documents.
message me for more information at Removed by admin on how to succeed without seating for the exam...



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Life time member

Very interesting.

If I buy the fake AUTODESK certificate, do I sudently know how it works ?

If I buy the fake TOEFL certificate, do I sudently know how to speak PERFECT ENGLISH ? 

I would like a certificate how to repair any/any BMW K issue in 5sec. !

That would be great, ha ha ;-)


Just a question, did you sell Donald Trump a Fake certificate that he can be president ???
You shouldn’t have done that !!!

Is it OK if I pay with fake DOLLARS ?

Only a few activities make me experience my senses in a way motorcycle riding does, it is like swimming in the nude in a river.
K75 BA/1992 ABS, K75 BA/1991 noABS, Ducati, Mobylette M1/1973

Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog
Good one Chocolate.

As soon as you reported the spammer, I banned him for the forum. (He was still on line)
At the time I was on the phone and I couldn't do anything else. (Phone call lasted 2 hours...)
I will try to report his email addresses to Google and Yahoo.

Thanks for reporting him.


PS: He registered with the following Email address:

1986 k75, 1985 K100rt, 1985 K100rt/EML sidecar.

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