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My 1989 K100RS will not start or run. Found a damaged wiring harnessconnector between Hall Effects sensor and the ignition control module. The Hall Effects side of the connector looked as if it had gotten heatedand the connected itself crumbled upon inspection on hall effects side.

It seems that the 2 & 3 spark plugs are only getting minimum spark if anyand the ground to thefuel injection relayseems to drop out of the circuit once you release start button. Theengines attempts to startaslong asthe start button is activated.Is it such that maybe the 2 & 3 hall effects sensor is now defective? I am also assuming that the wiring harness on the hall effects sidewill haveto be repaired before the bike will start and run. I have manually plugged each of the 5 wires from the hall efforts sensor into the ignition control module hoping that I could at least start the bike, but no start. That is some non shielding going on to the hall effects due to the damaged connector.Any suggesting or comments for resolutionwill be greatly appreciated.

Prior to my non start issue mybike was running badly.

Bill Hutchens
San Antonio, Tx



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Could be the sensors are toast, they are known to fail with age and heat. Can't say what to do with the connector .

As far as the fuel pump relay, I seem to recall that once the starter button is released, it is the signal from the Hall Sensors that keeps it engaged, so if you are losing the signal from the sensors, it makes sense that the pump won't run when you release the starter button.

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sounds like the hall effect wiring has been damaged and shorting to the chassis , which could be a possible reason for the chared connector- wiring

the hall effects drive the ignition module which in turn drives the fuel pump relay etc

replacement he module and cabling , but do measurements before connecting the replacement stuff to the electrics

good luck

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