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My 89 K100RS hasbeen ina no start, poor enrich running condition. Upon cleaning up the water temperature sensor, the engine now isin a hardstarting conditionand the engine runs poorly in an enrich running position.

My questionare these:

Can the water temperature sensorstart going bad but still allow the engine to be started? Can a bad water temperature sensor cause a poor, enrich running, engine?When I disconnect the water temperature sensor harness while the engine is running the engine straiten up andruns like it should. I do not really understand the relationship of the temperature sensor to the Fuel Injection Control Module except that it passes a ground to Pin #10 on the Fuel InjectionControl Module. Can I have a good water temperature sensor and a bad a Fuel Injection Control Module? The engine will not start if the sensor wiring harness is disconnected from sensor.

I attempted to ohm the sensor but did not understand the ohm results. I have a new sensor on order but I am wondering if I can have other problems causing my hard starting,poor, enrich runningengine on my K100RS.

Any comments, suggestions, advice or recommendations are welcome and appreciated.

Bill Hutchens
San Antonio, Texas


RicK G

RicK G
Yes it surely can. I have seen it on many cars and bikes. They don't actually stop but just give the ECU bad info.

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often the sensor connections (wiring side as well ) can be corroded get some deoxit ???

also the threaded relief into the water stub can become corroded so that a higher than normal resistance between the sensor body and the water stub threaded section .

measure from the gearbox connection point (to battery ) and the body of the temperature sensor meter on low ohms , it should measure below 1 ohm if not remove the sensor and clean it and the threads up

I installed an additional washer (copper , soldered so that is presents a lead- tin surface ) between the sensor and the water stub body , I figured the aluminium washer that I removed was so corroded that some type of electrolysis had set up with the dissimilar metals and location

good luck

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The temperature sensor provides the enrichmt function that used to be done by the choke.

When the engine is cold it has a resistance of around 2500 ohms. At normal operating temperature it drops to a round 250 ohms.

A dirty connection will make the engine run like the choke is stuck.

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