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A Technical Service Bulletin on how to keep your cruise control from jacking the idle up to 3,000 RPM.

When riding all day on Wednesday my idle started creeping up:
1000 RPM - normal
1500 RPM - bothersome
2000 RPM - annoyingly high, especially at stop lights
3000 RPM - OK, now I have pull over and fix whatever is causing this

After pulling over at a gas station, removing the battery covers and seat to pull the tank back so I could get to the throttle cable connection, I discovered that the lower nut on the cable from the cruise control servo had vibrated loose and fallen down the cable. This allowed the cruise control cable to creep up and keep the throttle slightly open. It doesn't take much throttle for a bike in neutral to get up to 3000 RPM.

The following applies if you are using the two nuts at the end of the servo cable to adjust/secure it.

Solution: Reattach the nut using thread locker. (Loctite in the US.) I also needed to readjust the top nut as that had vibrated and crept a little too. There should be a little slack is the cruise control cable when the bike is at idleDO NOT overtighten the nuts. The threaded part at the end of the cruise control cable is made of some really crappy metal and if you try to get the nuts on it uber-tight it will break. DAMHIK

Cruise control TSB 180502-01 (Read this if you have cruise control!) CCS100.TSB180502.Lower.Nut.Threadloocker

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