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Local guy has it installed on a 93 LT. Wants to get rid of it. The horn sounds at inopportune times and it didn't seem to make a whit of difference when his bike got stolen last year.

I know it's a BMW alarm because the arming keychain fob has BMW on it and when I opened the relay box yesterday it was connected with the proper connector.

I was able to disable the horn going off by simply unplugging it in the relay box but he'd like to get rid of it altogether. It doesn't look like a hack install so I think it was installed by a dealer when the bike was purchased.

Anybody got any of the following docs for it?
1 - Install instructions
2 - User manual
3 - Wiring schematic

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There are links to various alarm instructions and diagrams in this MB.C thread starting with post #7 and more in post #12.

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