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Hello Everyone

Do anyone in here have experiance with performance chips? I got offered a chip from Sawyer performance cheap by a local, but is it worth anything? Also i have heard really good info about a guy called John Gimi, who makes performance chips.

This is the one im offered cheap, of course i dont believe in the 25hp and everything is awesome salesspeak, but if it provides a few hp, and nm, without destroying anything anything, then it would be super sweet!

so im searching for people with experiance with these chips, not just people who have read about them :-)

btw. i ride a k100 RS16V from 1991, and its gonna get the full Remus exhaust system soon


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Well what else can you spend sub $80 on and try?? The worst that can happen is you'll at least be able to state you have an EXtreme stage 3 chip in it, who else is going to say that you ride with?? Wink

However with no graphs to show you where you can get 1 to 2 mpg or even the hp improvement, its all just fun sales speak. Even the two reviews are "ehhem" hard to take.

When its all said and done, you just want to try it, No???

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A mate an ex BMW tech when I looked a one 20 years ago told me smoke and mirrors. It's the same with the 4 hole injectors and exhausts unless they give you dyno results on multiple bikes it's pretty well unsubstantiated heresay. All I've ever seen is seat of the pants reports that it felt faster. Although for $80.00 you might get more street cred in saying that your bike is chipped. If they give you a sticker with the chip, see if they will send you a sticker.
Regards Martin.

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I had three different aftermarket chips that came on/with various 4V RSs I've bought. A Harman, one with a Staintune sticker on it that came on a bike with a Staintune exhaust and another that I can't remember the name of. I tried all of them one day on the same bike and none of them registered anything on my butt dyno compared to the OEM chip.

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